First Stop: Financial Rising and Falling – About Me and the Blog

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Me (Going for Broke)-

I’ve been a financial mess most of my life. Several years ago (closer to 10 than 5), I left working for Amazon.com shortly before a stock grant of well over 1000 shares. I left at zero with a healthy spending habit and lots of lifestyle creep. Broke doesn’t even begin to describe what I was going to discover.

As the debt piled up, I became a different person. At first desperate, then later I moved away from Seattle and began to take care of my financial situation and search for ways to efficiently ensure I never got back to that place. My life became focused on preserving my little family’s well being. I’m sure my Seattle friends back home wouldn’t even recognize us from the kind of life we live now.

Once I loved being able to take friends out to the best restaurants every night and fly somewhere every other weekend. Now I’m content most of the time at home and making a modest dinner for my partner and I to enjoy. My focus has become about optimizing opportunity. I still enjoy “the finer things” (and probably more frequently than I should – Hellooooooo Whiskey!), but I would rather trade now for a better future tomorrow.

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The Blog-

This blog will dive into a lot of math and challenge assumptions about finances whenever possible. Please also feel free to challenge me. I make no claim to being a guru, just someone successfully eliminating debt, saving up money, and setting a trajectory toward financial independence & beach time any time.

To start, I plan on talking a bit about my financial strategy and how I apply “passive investing” techniques that anyone can do. This blog will be a success if it can help a single person to be successful in finding more invest-able income out of their existing finances. Thanks again for checking it out, please let me know if you find the information useful.

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