How to Get Paid to Eat Out – Part 2 – Dosh for Dining and More

How to Get Paid to Eat Out - Part 2: Dosh

If you’re here, and haven’t read Part 1 yet, you should hit it up here: Part 1 – iDine Pays You Real Money. If not, don’t let that stop you from finding out here why Dosh is the app you’ve been missing.

Getting paid with Dosh –Dosh Offers

Dosh is a part of the Empyr rewards network along with Mogl, Yelp Cash Back, Spent, Coupons.com, and Swagbucks. However, much like with Rewards Network’s iDine, your credit card can only be associated with one of the Empyr programs at any given time. Associating your card to another program will remote it from the previous program.

You get paid cash back with Dosh for eating out at restaurants from the local hole in the wall Indian to corporate chains like Denny’s and franchises such as Baskin Robbins. Where Dosh really takes it to the next level is in going beyond restaurants and into everything from Sephora, national show and mattress chains, and even (here’s the great one) doubling up your gas cash back at Exxon Mobile stations right now.

Restaurants tend to run anywhere from 5% to 15% cash back. Exxon Mobile is regularly 2%, but has run double-cash back bonuses bringing it to 4%. Sephora is currently at 4% and Sam’s Club is currently even bringing back 2%. These cash back programs can bring a lot of additional value to utilizing Dosh (besides all the value of a free program that gives you money, of course).

Beyond local, Dosh also offers cash back on online purchases. It’s not the best option to get money back from online sites, but it consolidates into a single program which enables redeeming rewards even faster.

Other Programs –


I started my experience with Empyr through using Mogl and in my opinion, if I’d known there would be other options I wouldn’t have even started here. I just would have waited. It’s really that bad. The mobile app, for Mogl is straight up offensive and not only does it never work correctly, in the event you somehow manage to register your card and find a restaurant, you will struggle to redeem.

Yelp Cash Back:

I switched from Mogl to Yelp as soon as I noticed the cash back notice on Yelp while checking out restaurants. There was a moment of desperation trying to find a better interface. I didn’t stick with Yelp for very long before switching over to Dosh because of Dosh going so far beyond the restaurants. Extra cash back at the gas station is hard to beat (and when I’m back out West, there’s the cash back at Grocery Outlet and Jiffy Lube as well).


I have not tried Spent, Coupons.com cash back, or Swagbucks. However, Dosh is a solid enough program that I have not felt the need to continue exploring the other options. I’ve read summaries from them and have not found them compelling to change beyond Dosh.

Dosh Cash Back Automatically

Making cash back work for you –

Along with the cash back from iDine, cash back from Dosh goes into a low-fee investment account so that over time it goes off and brings new green friends home. The catapults the value of the cash back as compound earnings begin to work their magic through long-term market gains. The cash back you earn now progressively earns more money in an account at Betterment.


Disclosure –

I may earn a commission off of links from this site, but that does not influence which sites I link to. iDine, for example, pays no affiliate or referral bonus for linking to them, but they are the best cash back in the Rewards Network system. The affiliate links are there to help this blog start paying for itself.


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