Thanks for checking out the blog! I’m a mid-30’s personal finance, ecommerce, and marketing nerd. (There, did I distill the entirety of my existence down enough? Hard to get the elevator sound-bite in for all my future media inquiries.)

Here I will share about how you can save more money and retire earlier along with learning from my stupid mistakes. I’ve made what many would consider to be fortunes and lost it all again and again. Now it’s time to stop squandering and start building a life that doesn’t involve working for someone else 9-5.

I’m sarcastic, acerbic, and budget conscious (I know, you were worried). I hope you are entertained whether you’re a coupon clipper or on wall street. Feel free to reach out and let me know what you think and if there’s any topics you’d like to see more of over here.

While I’ve been diving into fixing my finances and made a very healthy turn around, many of my close friends have continued to struggle; constantly complaining about being unable to travel, barely making rent, and not seeing retirement as a viable option for their future lives. I hope that this blog helps them see how they can take greater control of the money they already have available to them and improve their present and futures.